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Not to be confused with BalSac (bassist) or Jaws of Death.

“I’m so very, very sorry.”

Balsac is the rhythm guitarist for GWAR, easily recognized by his distinctive bear-trap face.


Balsac hails from the planet Ennui and is a member of the Scumdogs. According to GWAR lore, he writes songs by scratching his scrotum with his guitar. He invented venereal disease and has a bear trap for a face. His estimated age is pi X 10 to the millionth power.


Balsac is one the most easily-recognized members of GWAR, being the tallest member standing on two cloven-hoofed, goat-like legs. His distinct bear-trap face has a pair of horns and long, black dreadlocks (or a mohawk in some appearances) coming from the top. He dresses in a bat-wing speedo and a pair of large, spiked pauldrons.

Balsac's voice was originally a snooty British accent, but later became a more obnoxious American accent after Lust in Space.

Behind the Scenes[]

In the original GWAR lineup, there were two separate characters named BalSac and the Jaws of Death. Jaws of Death is the character that would become Balsac the Jaws of Death; his costume was a crude version of today's Balsac. He was played by Death Piggy guitarist Steve Douglas, who departed shortly after recording Hell-O! and handing down the character to Mike Derks, who would combine the two previous characters to become Balsac the Jaws of Death.

Balsac has been featured as a vocalist in a few songs such as "Mary Anne" and "The Needle". He is also noted as being a prominent icon for GWAR--he has appeared on more covers than anyone else and appears on many merchandise items and logos.


  • Favorite celebrity: God
  • Claims to have written Kama Sutra II.
  • In a live performance in Autumn of 2015 Balsac told the rest of the band that everyone on his home planet masturbated to death.