Bozo Destructo
Bozo Destructo (left) and Techno Destructo (right).


Villain (no longer appears)

First Appearance

Possibly Carnival of Chaos or earlier




Destructos / Master's Army

Bozo Destructo is the brother of Techno Destructo and Sawborg Destructo.

Biography Edit

Bozo Destructo is Techno's twin brother, and just as violent and obnoxious. His most recent appearance was in 2008, alongside Sawborg Destructo. He had not appeared again since then, until the 2015 GWAR-B-Q. He then appeared in issue 3 and 4 of the comic book Orgasmageddon.

Appearance Edit

Bozo is a clown dressed in spiky armor and heavy boots. His face is heavily scarred and covered in colorful facepaint, and has a pair of bat-like fins on either side of his head, similar to traditional clown hairstyles like Bozo the Clown. Like his brothers Techno and Sawborg, Bozo's right arm is a massive cybernetic arm, with a giant spiked claw hammer in place of a hand.