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Cardinal Syn is a giant baby-eating holy robot from space who comes to Earth to defeat GWAR.


In 1996, it is believed that a giant comet is headed to Earth and will destroy it, and as a result, the populace is in shambles. However, it turns out that the comet is really Cardinal Syn, a violent, Catholic robot who is under the command of the Nazi Pope. After Slymenstra Hymen gives birth to Oderus's baby, Cardinal Syn sends his Synnite warriors to come and claim it. As it turns out, Syn is powered by a babies with high levels of Jizmoglobin, and thus feasts on the child. When he arrives he has GWAR nearly defeated; however, they turn the tables on him and claim victory...Techno Destructo hijacks Syn's ship and crashes into him with it, but Syn fires lasers at GWAR and buys enough time to escape. (Ragnarok)

Cardinal Syn

Syn returns in 2009 to with a plan to take over Earth using a deadly virus that is being carried by an alien baby. First the Destructos get a hold of it, then later team up with GWAR to killl Syn and violate the baby.


  • Like Gor-Gor, Cardinal Syn is a very early character, hailing from the days of Hell-O!. He had appeared in comics and on stage, but not as a main character until 1996.
  • Syn sings on the song "Surf of Sin."
  • Was originally seen as having an engine block for a body and saw blades for arms.
  • In the early stage shows of GWAR, he would break out of Timmy The Talking Toilet and fight the band.