Dickie duncan

Dickie Duncan (right) singing on stage with Blothar (Left).

Dickie Duncan is the mascot of Dickie Duncan's, a fast food chain owned by GlomCo. He is voiced by MC Chris. 


Dickie Duncan appears as a greasy, bug-eyed, dick-shaped monster with a large belly and multiple fat folds, covered up with a dirty striped apron. He wears a paper hat bearing the Dickie Duncan's logo, as well as white gloves and sneakers on his cartoonishly-large hands and feet.


Dickie Duncan is the mascot of Dickie Duncan's, as well as its top salesman- according to GlomCo, he "can sell rat burgers to the Dali Lama". His ultimate goal is to get everyone hooked on the disgusting fast food served at his restaurant, much of which is made from rat meat.

In concert, Dickie Duncan appears during the song "Death to Dickie Duncan", singing along with Blothar before being bisected in half by Blothar's halberd. Despite this, his two halves still hop around, singing and fighting with the other band members. The costume used on stage is worn by two actors rather than one, allowing Dickie to be cut in half.


Dickie Duncan is a parody of fast food mascots and the fast food industry in general:

  • The lyrics "I'm lovin' it, my oven mitts are serving up garbage" is a direct parody of the McDonald's slogan "I'm Lovin' It".
  • The name and logo of Dickie Duncan's restaurant is similar to Dunkin' Donuts.
  • Dickie Duncan himself, being a fat purple monster, resembles Grimace, one of the many McDonald's mascots.