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Gor-Gor is a T-Rex who has made numerous appearances, as both a friend and a foe.


Gor-Gor was originally found by slaves as an unhatched egg, frozen in the ice underneath the fortress of GWAR. Slymenstra attempted to nurture the egg; however, this failed as the slaves were determined to inject it with crack and several growth formulas. Soon afterward, Gor-Gor burst forth from the egg, bit off a slave's hand, and escaped.

Gor-Gor eventually returned to attack a city, until he was destroyed by the band after he betrayed them; Oderus deftly felled him by stabbing his sword through the dinosaur's top jaw.

Gor-Gor would later reappear once again when Techno Destructo resurrected him using mechanical parts, turning him into Gor Borg. Using his newfound "weapon" would ultimately fail however, when Slymenstra, stealing the remote used to control the beast, turned him on Techno. The band would then kill Gor-Gor again.

Next, the band would revive him for the final battle against Techno Destructo, then kill him again.

Finally, the band would eventually encounter Gor-Gor once more in Hell, and, of course, kill him again.

Most recently, he would appear on stage and help the band defeat Mr. Perfect, and be killed afterward.


  • Gor-Gor is one of the earliest characters, appearing on stage during The Dim Times, and in comics, even before the release of Hell-O!.
  • Oderus claims to be the father of Gor-Gor. Slymenstra vehemently denies this.
  • Gor-Gor appeared in the music video for "Immortal Corruptor", where he feasted on the bodies of Osama Bin Laden and George Bush.
  • Due to his numerous reappearances, bios for the character usually list him as "rumored to be on the comeback trail."