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Sawborg Destructo is the brother of Techno Destructo, and one of GWAR's recurring nemeses.


Sawborg Destructo is a Frankenstein-like creation of Techno's, built from cadavers and enhanced with cybernetics. He joined Techno, along with Bozo Destructo, with the original Scumdogs under the Master's reign, and has since taken part in trying to stop GWAR. He first appeared on the Electile Dysfunction '08 Tour and took part in Mid-Galactic Wrestling matches along with Bozo Destructo. He is also featured character in Lust in Space, where he teams up with GWAR to defeat Cardinal Syn.

He returns as the villain on the album Bloody Pit of Horror, with a large, upgraded mechanical suit.

He later re-appeared as a mysterious cloaked figure who sold the band a mansion in order to set them up in a trap. Afterwards, he no longer wore a cloak and mask, and still continues to fight GWAR, in which he always fails.


Sawborg Destructo has a cybernetically-enhanced body, with his limbs, head and torso replaced with crudely-built cybernetics. Like his brother Techno, Sawborg's right arm is massively oversized, with a giant spinning sawblade where his hand would be. He utilizes this blade to great effect during concerts, spraying the audience with blood from his target. Sawborg also has a pair of smaller circular saws embedded in his skull.