Sexecutioner circa 1995.



First Appearance



Eros(?); France(?)




Mike Delany; Chuck Varga

Sexecutioner was a character originally played by Mike Delaney and then Chuck Varga from 1989 until 1996, with appearances in 2000 and 2014.

Appearance Edit

Sexecutioner is a humanoid creature with huge, clawed feet, an enormous underbite and long, sharp teeth. He wears a metal mask and had a chain piercing from his ear to his nose. His outfit is similar to typical BDSM gear, with leather arm-length gloves and leggings adorned with spiked armor plates, a chain harness, and a leather thong with a long, phallic metal spike jutting from the crotch.

Origin Edit

Sexecutioner's origins are vague-- the Slave Pit Funnies suggest Oderus summoned him by ritual, while the song "Sexecutioner" states that he hails from France. GWAR's official site used to claim he was from the planet Eros, in the Genital V System.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Varga was with the band from 1989 until 1996, appearing on stage and designing costumes and props (he is credited as creating the first Oderus mask). Eventually touring proved to be taxing on the oldest member of Slave Pit, and he stopped touring with the band, but worked part-time until 2001. He reportedly worked with Don Drakulich at a special effects company for a number of years following his departure.

He most recently appeared on stage with the band in 2014 for Dave Brockie's memorial.

Trivia Edit

  • Doesn't appear to know his own age.
  • Sometimes spelled "Sexicutioner"