Slymenstra Hymen
Slymenstra live on stage.


Dancer, Vocals

First Appearance

Scumdogs of the Universe






Danielle Stampe

Slymenstra Hymen is the only female member of GWAR. In past times referred to as "GWAR Woman", Slymenstra is largely responsible for keeping GWAR's slaves under control. During GWAR live shows, she would dance occasionally and would regularly perform a fire eating act during which she would blow fireballs into the air which would, at times, spread out upon the low drop-ceilings of smaller venues.

Slymenstra sang backup vocals on Maggots from Scumdogs of the Universe and also sang lead vocals on My Girly Ways on We Kill Everything. She clogged the portal-potty during We Kill Everything and summoned The Master. She appeared with Oderus on the infamous Jerry Springer Show. Slymenstra is capable of growling like a lion which is evidenced in the Grammy nominated film Phallus in Wonderland.

Although Oderus, other members of GWAR and slaves would often try to have sex with her, they would normally be phallically injured instead of pleasured. She is pretty hot.

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