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Techno Destructo (full name Techno Bartholomew Destructo) is GWAR's archnemesis, played by GWAR co-founder Hunter Jackson.


Techno Destructo is one of the original members of the Scumdogs of the Universe, working under the Master alongside Oderus Urungus and his gang. After GWAR was banished to Earth for destroying planet Flab Quarv 7 and for revolting against the Master, Techno remained on Scumdogia working for the Master for millions of years while GWAR remained frozen in the Antarctic. After GWAR escaped their icy prison, however, Techno traveled to Earth to try and recruit them back into the Scumdogs, but after they refused his offer, Techno made it his mission to destroy GWAR.

Since then, GWAR and Techno Destructo have been long-time arch-nemeses. Techno often recruits, creates, attracts, or teams up with other powerful beings and groups to attack Gwar, such as The Morality Squad, Cardinal Syn, Sawborg Destructo, and an army of killer mutant penguins. GWAR has defeated Techno each time, even enslaving him temporarily after tearing off his robotic arm (though Techno used this opportunity to attack them from the inside). Techno has even been killed at least once, but like all of GWAR's enemies, it doesn't slow him down.

Techno Destructo was officially retired after Hunter Jackson left Gwar and Slave Pit, Inc. in November 2000, and hasn't appeared since, save for a few promotional shows at conventions.


Techno Destructo appears as a near-naked man bearing a cybernetic arm with a comically oversized monkey wrench instead of a hand. He also wears an enormous mechanical backpack, serving as his arm's power source.


  • Techno Destructo's favorite pastime is drinking Multi-Lube and jerking off to Popular Mechanics.