The Morality Squad is a gang of jingoistic, morally indignant "superheroes" who stand against GWAR and everything else they deem un-American, obscene, offensive, or wrong.

Members Edit

Edna Grambo Edit

A grouchy old lady with a giant, ugly head and bulging eyes, Grambo is the leader of the Morality Squad. She rides around in a four-wheeled, fusion-powered wheelchair-tank with circular saw blades and wields a pump-action shotgun she calls her "Holy Hot Rod".

Corporal Punishment Edit

Grambo's grandson and all-American superhero, Corporal Punishment is a beefy man wearing a superhero costumed decked in red, white, and blue. He often goes on patrols at night, beating up anyone he finds to be unpatriotic. He had previously served in the war in Iraq.

Private Parts Edit

Corporal Punishment's lackey. He wears a red-and-white striped shirt and a yellow thong, and has a red bandana covering most of his face, with a pair of bulging, bloodshot eyes popping out.

Tiny Edit

Grambo's nephew, who she describes as "a hundred tons of man". Ironic to his name, Tiny is the largest member of the Morality Squad and serves as its muscle along with Corporal Punishment, appearing as an ogre-like humanoid with babyish proportions, having a giant head as big as his body and stubby but muscular limbs.

Dr. D. Bill Adated Edit

A mad scientist who created Tiny for the Morality Squad. He has a goofy overbite and goggles, and wears a lab coat. He walks with a pair of weaponized crutches, with spiked feet that can be shot out at opponents via a spring-loaded mechanism.