Violence Has Arrived (2001)


November 6, 2001




Metal Blade


GWAR, Grant Rutledge

Released on November 6, 2001, Violence Has Arrived is GWAR's 8th studio album. It is well-known for reinvigorating the band after the failure of their previous album, We Kill Everything.

Overview Edit

According to an interview with Dave Brockie, the album was supposed to be released on September 11, 2001, but Metal Blade wouldn't release it until 2001. According to Slave Pit Inc., it was because the album wasn't finished. The album brings GWAR back to their brutal beginnings, and has been compared to Scumdogs of the Universe. Oderus is the dominant vocalist on this album, with minor speaking parts given to other members.

The band reportedly enjoyed recording the album and has a soft spot for it to this day--it is one of the more often-heard albums on tour, and even gave birth to some stage props, such as the now-staple Biledriver. It is Don Drakulich's favorite album.

Concept/Story Edit

Although Violence Has Arrived touches on GWAR "lore" like Hell-O!, it does not follow a direct story. Instead, the song tells tales of GWAR's previous exploits in battle, conjuring up a strong medieval theme, especially with songs about torture devices (such as "The Wheel"). The track "The Song of Words" features the band telling a tale of when they battled the Nazi Pope and his minions.


  1. Hell Intro
  2. Battle Lust
  3. Abyss of Woe
  4. Anti-Anti Christ
  5. The Apes of Wrath
  6. Immortal Corruptor
  7. Beauteous Rot
  8. Licksore
  9. Bloody Mary
  10. Biledriver
  11. The Wheel
  12. The Song of Words
  13. Happy Death-Day